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Adora Cuddle & Coo Interactive Talking Doll Unicorn Magic 3-Piece Set

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  • 3-PIECE DOLL SET - This Adora Unicorn Magic baby doll set includes one 15" baby doll, a coral-colored unicorn-print top, matching white leggings, a magic plate that reveals food when wet and a magic bottle with milk that "disappears" when tilted. 
  • INTERACTIVE DOLL - This talking doll makes 5 sounds when your child plays with her. She cries, coos, giggles, kisses back, and talks. 
  • REACTS TO PLAY - Squeeze her hand and she’ll cry. Pat her head to hear her coo. Tickle her tummy to hear sweet giggles. Kiss her cheek and she’ll kiss you back. Pat her head and she’ll call you, “Momma.” 
  • SWEET BABY SCENT - This realistic baby doll has a lifelike baby powder fresh scent, cuddly body, silky hair, open/close eyes. 
  • REALISTIC DETAILS - Her brown open-and-close eyes are outlined by lifelike, hand-painted eyelashes. Her silky brown doll hair is secured in pigtails that complement her medium skin tone. 
  • SO MANY BENEFITS - Encourages nurturing, pretend play. 
    • AGE GROUP This cute baby doll measures 15 inches, making her great for ages 3 and up. 

    Pretend Play is one of the most important aspects of childhood development, and with Adora's cuddly Unicorn Magic doll, your little one will coo with delight with every cuddle and lesson learned.   

    Practice helping, sharing, nurturing, and caring in response to each of this interactive doll's 5 interactive sounds. Squeeze her hand & she'll cry, but don't worry, a simple pat on her head will make her coo with happiness. Tickle her tummy, and she'll start giggling. Give her a kiss on the cheek, and she'll kiss back. Pat her head and delight as she calls you "Momma."  

  • This cuddly Unicorn Magic is sure the sweetest interactive doll for your little ones aged 3 and up. This 15-inch doll has silky brown hair secured in pigtails, charming brown eyes that open and close, and a medium skin tone. Wearing her coral-colored top with a unicorn print on the front with matching white leggings to keep her warm, Unicorn Magic is truly a lifelike doll that will surely ignite your little ones’ imaginations! 

    Check out our Magic Feeding Set and make playtime with Cuddle & Coo babies even more exciting and fun! Adora Magic Feeding Set includes a magic plate that reveals food when wet and a magic bottle with milk that "disappears" when tilted! 

    This realistic doll makes a great gift for birthdays and other celebrations for children ages 3 and up. 

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